It begins…

Tomorrow, I’m flying out to Portland for the first two screenings on the I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell tour.  I’ll be doing a lot of filming and editing, setting up equipment, etc.  You’ll be able to see footage I shoot/edit here.

I was going to write a semi-long post about how great this tour is going to be, and how this sort of thing has never really been done before, but Ben already wrote a much better post than anything I could slap together tonight.  And honestly, I’m exhausted just thinking about what the next month and a half is going to be like.

Anyways, I’ll probably be away from this site for awhile.  Or I might write about the tour every now and then.  Who knows.  I’ll try to post semi-frequently on Twitter about funny/weird/cool things that happen over the next several weeks, so follow me on there if you’re interested in reading my undeniably fascinating tweets.


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