Chi-City Marketing, mayne

I got two calls from the Youtube celeb, Mr. Chi-City, last week.  I emailed him my phone number after he posted on Twitter that he wanted to talk to some of his fans.  Apparently, almost 700 people emailed him with their numbers… and he called all of us.  Twice.

The first time he called me, we talked for 10 minutes.  He was candid, really nice, and didn’t seem like he was in a rush to get off and make the next call.  I asked him a few fairly predictable questions…

How has doing your Youtube videos affected your life? “A lot of women, man, a lot of women.  Haha!”

What do you have planned for the future? “I don’t know, man.  A few entertainment companies have talked with me about setting something up, but I’m not really interested.  I just like doing my videos.  I’ll probably go out to LA at some point and talk with them, just because how often does a guy like me, with no talent, get offers from people like that?”

We talked about some other stuff, made a few jokes, then I wished him the best of luck and said I’d continue watching his videos.  Then he called me a few days later, unexpectedly, and left me this message:

Awesome.  I love this guy.

There’s something to be said about this gimmick of his, and we can take away a few lessons from Chi-City:

  • Connecting with fans. How can you not love a guy who makes 1,100 calls over the course of six days, not selling anything, but just wanting to connect?  That is a big physical effort, saying the same thing to jackass fans like me, over and over.  How often do you think he found the person on the other end of the phone interesting?  Rarely.  But that doesn’t matter — he cared about connecting and spreading the love.  For me, that’s the very core of good marketing.  Well done.
  • Authenticity. People love him because he’s funny, ridiculous, high energy, over-the-top, and excessively gregarious.  But we also love him because we know it’s not an act.  He definitely plays up his personality on camera, but it’s pretty obvious he acts that way all the time — flaws and all.  And it’s hard not to like him for it.

Anyways, I wanted to write this post to show my appreciation for someone who’s not trying to immediately cash in on a viral video he made and the small amount of internet fame that came with it.  Chi-City, you seem like a cool guy and I hope to be hit with one of your freeze pops someday.

By Charlie Hoehn

11 comments on “Chi-City Marketing, mayne

  1. I feel like MrChiCity has the same mystique and personality that created fame for Maddox and Tucker Max. But there have been plenty of internet personalities over the past decade. Only a few have gone on to write books and make movies.

    I’m still curious about the other ingredients that created such success for these guys. How did they achieve such a cult following?

  2. “I hope to be hit with one of your freeze pops someday.”

    This sounds slightly suggestive? Bit of a man crush Charlie?

    Awesome post though, it seems he really loves and appreciates what he does. It’s nice to have a self- aware internet persona that knows whats up.

  3. Chi-city is great. He seems so genuine in his approach, and I truly think that he just loves having people to share his videos with. That must really confuse the shit out of the establishment that want to turn him into a commodity. Sounds like he’s having fun regardless.

  4. I really, really like the way he says your last name:

    “HO-enn” (emphasis on the dipthong)

    It’s a super creative video and idea to call the fans… I’m impressed.

  5. I’ve known Chi-City Mayne for about a year now. He really is a good dude. When I asked him if I could do his shirts he was pretty happy about and never once asked for money. Never! So, I shove some dough in an envelope and MAKE him take because it would sadden me if he ran out of freezepops. Nice write up on him. Very accurate.

  6. The man’s an absolute hero. You can tell just from his videos that he’s a super nice dude. I sent him a message on MySpace just telling him how much I liked his vids, and he sent me a message back acting like I was the first person to tell him his videos were good. He was so grateful that I’d taken the time to write. We could all learn a lot from Mr. Chi City.

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