Follow me (in a non-creepy way)

I always thought the “be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed” posts were kinda pointless.  Who doesn’t know this stuff by now, right?  Well, apparently a lot of people either don’t know or they just don’t do it.  I swear, I had someone write to me recently saying he preferred dropping in on my site periodically instead of subscribing because he liked looking at the cows picture.  I really need to change that, by the way.  It’s not drawing in the ladies the way I thought it would.

So if you aren’t already, you can subscribe to me and receive my posts in your email inbox (click here) or RSS reader (click here).

You can also follow me on Twitter (where I don’t take myself so seriously), and Delicious (where I frequently save interesting articles and websites I come across).

By Charlie Hoehn

6 comments on “Follow me (in a non-creepy way)

  1. @Ben- So far, three more followers on delicious and eight more on twitter. No impact on the number of subscribers…

    @Slammer- If you had a magazine, would you prefer that people subscribe or buy it every now and then on impulse? I’m obviously not trying to sell anything, but if someone genuinely thinks my content is valuable, then it’s just easier for them to subscribe.

  2. Charlie, I subscribed to your RSS feed a long time ago, but I too still prefer coming directly to your site. But, at least I’m your subscriber!

    If only Google Reader were as pretty as the cows.

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