Disruption, defined

Microsoft: “What are Apple and Google doing, and how can we counter-strike?

Apple & Google: “What is everyone else doing wrong, and how can we destroy the foundation of the market they operate in?”

The word ‘disruption’ is thrown around by a lot of companies.  They use it to describe their operations or future products because it makes them feel like they’re innovators who are doing something truly great.  So why do most of them end up homogenizing themselves with their competitors, all while keeping their market stagnant?

The difference between Microsoft and Apple, or Microsoft and Google, is that one is looking upon the landscape from 100 feet up, while the other is looking at it from 10,000 feet up.  It’s impossible to see the big picture if you’re just looking at what your main competitors are doing.  The real winners, it seems, are the ones who see where their market will be headed in 5 to 10 years, and start working towards that system now.


Tucker Max’s response: “No. The real winners don’t worry about competitors or landscape at all–they worry about solving real problems that real people have, and thus create real value for them. I doubt in most cases Google or Apple even think about where the market will be in ten years, or at least, they think about it in a different way–they think about what problems people will have, and how they can solve them. Solving a problem creates value, and creating real value is the key to 21st century business success.”

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