Why Guitar Hero worked

From Inc.’s recent article, “Just Play“:

“The music industry has been so worried about emerging technologies, but it turns out that fans don’t just want to steal MP3 files — they want technology to transport them deeper inside the things they love. Fantasy sports boomed by letting anyone “own” a team. Blogs allow everyone to be the media. This was music’s ride inside.”

This quote describes, with amazing clarity, the opportunity so many industries have before them.  People want to escape by submerging themselves into exclusive worlds in which they wish they could operate, all while skirting the ugliness and difficulties in those worlds.  Technology now allows nearly any company to do that (even if you’re in the business of making t-shirts).  How can you apply this principle to your industry?

Thanks to Andy Lynch for pointing out this article.

By Charlie Hoehn

4 comments on “Why Guitar Hero worked

  1. Speaking of tshirts. I’m convinced nearly everyone has a decent tshirt design in them. I thought of this the other day when I designed myself a tshirt promoting my fanship of The Wire (typical for me, being in Bmore) and uploaded my design to Cafepress. If Cafepress would just startup a facebook-ish type site where people like myself could upload tshirt designs and people could buy them, and the designer could make money, they’d have something. Or maybe its been done…Threadless at least played around with the idea…

  2. Really good quote and it’s a really big idea. There are literally hundreds of applications of it. I’ve thought of something similar before but you spelled it out much clearer.

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