Help Charlie win a contest (takes 10 seconds)

If you’re not following me on Twitter, then you probably haven’t seen that I’m an applicant for 48 Hours in Denmark.  I tried out because I’ve had my heart set on going there for almost two years — it’s been at the top of my travel to-do list.  This contest was also pretty low-hanging fruit, relatively speaking (compared to the 34,000 people who tried out for the Island Reef Job).

My request: Take 10 seconds away from your RSS reader and vote for me HERE.  Click the bubble next to my name and hit ‘Submit.’  That’s all you have to do.

I also need to give a HUGE thank you to all of these people for spreading the word:

  • Tim Ferriss, who unexpectedly told his 37,000+ followers to vote for me
  • Ben Rosenfeld
  • Patrick Ambron
  • Bjoern Weidlich
  • Chuck Westbrook
  • Aidan Nulman
  • Adam Bossy
  • Andy McKenzie
  • Ryan Stephens
  • Andy Lynch
  • Sanjay Maharaj

And I’ll just say one more thing.  To the people who want to post about this on twitter, or email this to all of their friends, or print off 500 copies of this post at Kinko’s then hop in a plane and drop them over the city of San Francisco… who am I to stop you?  I’m only one man, and I can’t monitor your every move.  So just go for it — you don’t need my permission.

By Charlie Hoehn

10 comments on “Help Charlie win a contest (takes 10 seconds)

  1. Done son! Why’d they mess up your name so bad? I similarly stuffed an online SxSW ballot box years ago. The best trips are always free!

  2. @Nikc – It’s ridiculous how badly they butchered my first name (which is, apparently, way harder to spell than my last).

    @Everyone – Thanks for the votes guys! Even to Ben, who is disgusted that I live within the same country as him.

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  4. Charlie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on why they picked Jesse, and what you might (or might not) do differently next time you apply to one of these things.

    Post, post, post!


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