My review of “Pow! Right Between The Eyes!”

Here’s a 6-minute video where I talk about some of the great ideas in Andy Nulman’s new book:

1:00 – I talk about why I wasn’t crazy about the first chapter, even though I liked the rest of the book.

1:43 – How Wilkes University used Surprise Marketing to recruit new students.

3:46 – My favorite marketing/design idea from the book: New York’s Amazing Food Wine Co.



NY's Amazing Food Wine Co. design


6 comments on “My review of “Pow! Right Between The Eyes!”

  1. It’s good to see you on camera again Charlie! Looked like you felt more comfortable than in the past. I meant to write the post so that I could get a free copy of Andy’s book, but was really busy around that time. It’s definitely on my list to read though, right after Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits.

  2. 1. Book sounds similar to “Free Prize Inside” by Godin.

    2. That design is sweet–great example of money on the table. Go against the grain of the status quo: no fancy label, esoteric name, and useless year.

    3. Awesome video with Ramit by the way. Someone’s getting sick at Final Cut…

  3. Agree completely on how terrible the college postal marketing is.

    To be honest though, I think I’d be a bit weirded out if I visited some small University in Pennsylvania, stopped to get gas, and found my name written all over the local gas pumps.

  4. I pay you $1500 and this is all I get? That wasn’t our deal, Charlie! Where are the sound effects, the montage and the CGI? I bought the “Platinum Review” package, complete with overdubbed endorsements from Godin, Gladwell and Sethi, remember? Don’t think I’m letting you get away with this. I’m reporting you to the Better Business Bureau and gonna drag your name through the back alleys of the blogosphere. You may be able to fool your readers with the street cred and cow shtick, but I won’t get fooled again!

  5. I can’t believe you fell for the old Platinum Review package. I’m a starving college grad, what did you expect? Save this for your next book: how you got a healthy dose of Pow! when I hustled you out of $1500!

  6. @Tom – But you’d remember them, wouldn’t you? And you’d definitely tell all your friends, right? Not to mention the fact that Wilkes did something so bizarre that it got them national press.

    That’s how marketing is done, my friends.

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