Verizon is a complete failure. Again.

Because of my robust hatred for Verizon and their pathetic excuse for customer service, I am more than happy to spread this ridiculous phone call with Verizon reps (thanks to Ian for passing it along):

Listen here.

It’s about 20-minutes long, but you will be amazed the entire time.

What Verizon doesn’t yet understand (as well as many other huge companies) is that you can’t treat people like idiots anymore.  Everyone has a voice, and you never know when you’re talking to someone who will tell others about how you’ve treated them.  Some will tell their friends how great you are, while some will blog about how terrible your service is to their audience of 1,000+.

It’s so much easier to just say, “You’re right, we screwed up.  We’ll eat the bill this time, and we’re extremely sorry for all the confusion.”  Instead, they argue with this poor guy over something so simple (while never admitting they’re wrong), and piss him off to the point where he records the call and posts it online.  The damage to their brand from people who complain is far greater than the money they’ll gain from ripping one person off.

To all small business owners reading this: Swallow your pride and appease your pissed off customers.  It doesn’t matter who’s right.  Treat them with respect, and restrain your condescension.

The fact that marketers repeatedly have to write about this issue is absurd.  It’s so basic and fundamental, yet so many businesses still manage to screw it up.

6 comments on “Verizon is a complete failure. Again.

  1. Hopefully most small business owners recognize this already – they have much less capital and hierarchy to get between how well you do your job and what you get out of it. Now and then you do come across one that really doesn’t get it… it makes me wonder how they manage to stay in business. Maybe it’s a sign the market is ready for competition.

  2. Wow, you have to be kidding me right? I listened to the whole 20 minutes. Unbelievable. I am definitely posting this on Twitter.

    When will large companies realize that just because they’re large doesn’t mean they’re always right? And how dare they use their power and influence to push people around. This really agitates me.

  3. This was painful! I hope that corporate gets to hear this and something is done. Just the face that four people couldn’t figure it out makes me wonder what in the world is happening to our educational system!? Yikes! I use Verizon currently and it seriously makes me want to switch.

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