A shortcut to smart people

If you’re not aware of this, scroll down a bit on my site and look at the blogroll.

That’s a list of solid young people I’ve found.  It’s hard to come across several peers your age who really push you to work harder, but there they are.

Each of them falls into one or several of the following categories:

  • Exceedingly creative
  • Knows a lot about marketing
  • Aspiring entrepreneur
  • Has really interesting experiences under their belt
  • Remarkably motivated
  • Flat-out way smarter than me (nearly impossible to find these types, I know).

With the exception of Ben and Ramit, most of them are writing online in relative obscurity.  All of them are good people who are currently underrated.  If I was still in college, I’d be trying to get to know these guys personally.  If I were an employer, I’d be trying to hire them.  

So if you like my site, chances are you’ll like a few on the blogroll.

By Charlie Hoehn

4 comments on “A shortcut to smart people

  1. While I’m flattered I’ve been included in your blogroll, I must admit that I’m quite glad that I blog in relatively obscurity right now. It gives me plenty of time to experiment with lots of different things.

    It also gives me time to grow my expertise so that I truly feel that I’m providing adequate value for my readers.

    And while I don’t know for sure, I suspect that if I ever obtain the success as some of the gurus that I’ll look back most fondly on the first couple of years growing my community.

    Your content has been stellar of late hombre. Let’s catch up again soon.

  2. You’re far too kind, Charlie. I feel honoured and flattered to be part of such an intelligent and esteemed blogroll.

    And I agree with Ryan, your stuff’s been dynamite recently, man. Love it.

  3. @Ryan & Andy – Thanks guys, much appreciated. And I’m happy to throw down your names on the ol’ blogroll.

    @Devin & Ryan – Yes, I will catch up with both of you soon. About to send personal emails in a few.

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