How to make a music video

These are the two coolest and most creative music videos you will ever see, guaranteed.

“Typical” – Mute Math

“Apple Mac Music Video” – Dennis Liu

Read this excellent interview with the 23-year old editor behind the second video.

Both of these videos are so great because of the obvious amount of effort that went into them, all while making the end result seem effortless.

When you take on a project, how often do you think: “This is going to take months, maybe even years”?  It’s rare.  Yet the greatest works of art will always take a long, long time before reaching completion.

Bottom line: Would you have the patience to spend 6 months making a 3-minute video?  Not many people would.  But that’s what separates the mediocre from the remarkable.

2 comments on “How to make a music video

  1. That video made me want to find out who that artist was. Their a group called the bird and the bee. The song is again and again.

    I would normally never listen to this kind of music. But when I saw that video a few months back I thought it was so cool that I couldn’t not check them out.

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