How to dominate customer service

Hire a few attractive people who are also extremely affable, and put them in front of web cameras.  Then encourage all of your customers to do video calls to the company if they have questions.

How disarming would it be to see a friendly young girl talking to you face-to-face (technically) and helping you with the problem you’re having?  It’d be very difficult to stay mad at the company because their customer service reps can see you.  You’d actually be in a better mood and start to love the company for treating you with respect and truly listening.  That’s what happens when companies humanize the interactions with their customers.

Some of you might think this idea is silly or impractical, but that’s what makes it remarkable.  Every type of computer will have a camera built-in eventually, so differentiate your company by being the first in the industry to do video calls.

3 comments on “How to dominate customer service

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