A free idea for Comcast

When someone subscribes to an entire TV series (i.e. they want to record every single episode in a season), they’re essentially joining that show’s permission asset.  So why aren’t these shows marketing more aggressively to their subscribers (a.k.a. their fans)?

Comcast needs to give their viewers another option when they subscribe to a series.  They need to ask each viewer if they’d like to receive “Bonus materials” via email for that show.

For example, if I subscribe to VH1’s “Tool Academy,” one of the settings on the screen would say “Want to receive Bonus Materials through email?”  I check YES, then get an email after each show with links to: deleted scenes, outtakes, interviews with the cast, a live chatroom with other fans of the show, and a survey on how I would rate the episode I just watched.  They could even send me an email after the season finale offering me a big discount for that season’s episodes on DVD.

I don’t see how this could be that difficult.  Comcast has my email address and they know which shows I’m subscribed to.  Why don’t they connect the dots?

5 comments on “A free idea for Comcast

  1. Great idea. Also, I wish that DVRs were more like Netflix: Each person in the family could have their own setting, and then Comcast could recommend different shows for people to watch based on what they record. Eventually I’m sure all this stuff will happen. People will realize that DVRs don’t just take away advertising opportunities but actually create new ones.

  2. Totally agree with you, but I’m afraid Comcast won’t act on those realizations for quite some time. They can’t even get their hardware to work on a consistent basis, so I’d be surprised if they made substantial progress with their software anytime soon. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in an industry that produces natural monopolies — everything moves at a glacial pace.

  3. Great idea, and something I’ve thought about too, but agree it won’t be implemented any time soon. And Comcast’s DVR is vastly superior to what I have–Time Warner’s.

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