How to Hack Someone’s Mind

This really works — I’ve done it before.

1:00 – The two conditions for hacking someone’s mind.

1:28 – Explanation of Delicious.

3:00 – The importance of the ‘Notes’ section.

4:06 – How to get hired through using Delicious.

5:36 – Find smart people and do what I did.

6:00 – How to find smart people.

7:36 – Contact the people who are influential.

To join Delicious bookmarks, click here.  To download the Delicious extension for Firefox, click here.

rpgradNow that you know how to hack someone’s mind, you should learn the next step: the art of the pitch.

Check out my free e-book “Recession-Proof Graduate” where I’ll show you exactly what I said to get hired by guys like Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, and Tucker Max.

8/3/11 UPDATE: Chuck Rylant created a “How to Hack Someone’s Mind for Dummies” video, explaining how to find people on Delicious (which I didn’t really cover in the above clip):

Chuck also put together a written explanation of this method, which I was too lazy to write myself. Enter Chuck:

Charlie’s premise is that by paying very close attention to an expert’s actions on, you can understand their thinking on a much deeper level. Since I had never used Delicious, the site was not very intuitive for me. I followed Charlie’s instructions, then proceeded to beat my head against the computer for a couple of hours. The instructions were great for the experienced Delicious user, but if you’ve never used the site, you were bound to be confused.

Charlie used Ramit Sethi as his example in the video, which ended up being the cause for confusion due to the fact that Ramit has no open network that you can view (which was one of Charlie’s major points). [NOTE: Chuck’s video above shows how he was able to work out this issue.]

A second part of Charlie’s premise is that what you discover through Delicious can help you infer ways to add value to the expert, and possibly begin the mentor/mentee relationship. Charlie discussed this point at length in his video interview with Lewis Howes on how he has connected and worked with several bestselling authors. In this hour-long interview, Charlie suggests getting to know them from their online presence and then finding a small way to provide value. And the key was, instead of merely offering to do it, just do it. That idea is magic.

To sum up, this part of the post serves two purposes. First, I hope the content provides a little value to the reader. Secondly, it serves as proof that this concept can work. I used Charlie’s blog and Delicious to find a very small place to provide him a little value. I didn’t wait and ask permission, I just created the video and article, sent it to him, and now you’re reading it. So if you want to connect with someone or do a guest post, what are you waiting for? The formula is here.

44 comments on “How to Hack Someone’s Mind

  1. It’s funny I actually found this article through Tucker’s delicious account. Good explanation for new players though.

  2. I had no idea the “Network” section of Delicious exists…this is way more efficient than reviewing blogrolls and RSS subscribers to determine who the influencers are.

    I wonder if any one has aggregated the Delicious “Network” data, a la Twitter followers/following, to understand who the true influencers are in a given topic.

  3. This is so true. It’s funny, I also found this post through Tucker Max’s delicious account.

    The notes section is so key. Because of that I was able to see Tucker commenting on your cadence. If I knew anything about being on camera (which I don’t) I would’ve done exactly the same thing you did with Ramit.

    Anyway, I definitely agree with what you’re saying. All around solid post.

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  7. Well done video, informative. I was surprised at the lack of ‘um’ and ‘ah’s throughout, for what looked to be a non-scripted video. Nice job!

  8. Damn that’s insidious – But, thanks for your detailed post. I’m seriously gonna watch my step in Delicious.

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  10. Good video. Kudos!

    It is great to hear an original idea with huge potential.

    We all know that background research is important, but sometimes it is difficult to know how to go about it.

  11. Thanks for taking the effort to enlighten us about the benefits & advantages of Delicious. I really think i wanna subscribe to that now; that was a such a very convincing video ..

    Thanks once again.

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    • Pretty sure I implied how I did this, but okay: I look at who is saving great articles (in my opinion) on delicious, glance through certain users’ bookmarks and networks, then add select users to my network who consistently save good articles. There aren’t really any shortcuts on this — it just takes time and effort!

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  15. Holy Crap! you’ve discovered what a bibliography is ! That’s Brilliant! You should totally tell someone about this, it could completely revolutionise how we evaluate research.

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  17. Great post. I have been doing something very similar for years but I prefer StumbleUpon, probably because I use it more and was on it first.

    Once you figure out how to get to them I find the keyword specific pages at StumbleUpon the fastest way to find both the most brilliant users for any subject and the top content that has been shared.

    This strategy may also work on Reddit.

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  20. Can’t really say whether these tips will really help me hack some one’s mind or not, but the video certainly inspires me to do so. Great piece of work and thanks for sharing it here.

  21. Hey Charlie, just came across this from Ramit’s guest posting page. BRILLIANT deep research strategy. Been using delicious more and more lately, and decoding the value of this. Huge help. – Thanks.

    p.s. did you survive the Tucker Max tour…? :)

  22. Fantastic. Thank you very much that you shared a noble concept. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. You have given ur best in this video. I mean it. Thanks once again. Take Care. :)

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  26. Good stuff Charlie, you just added a swiss army knife to my internet stalking toolkit. ;-)

    I just started adding some blogs I like, and tracked down some of the guest posts I’ve written on other sites to my delicious account. I’ll be doing more creative things with it, as per you suggestions, and putting on some of my favorite articles as well.

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  29. I just discovered this video Charlie and it is brilliant. I really mean that. Here is a similar idea, but perhaps not as immediate, is looking at people’s Kindle pages and notes. I don’t think it is yet as popular, but I suspect it will be soon. Thanks for this excellent idea.

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  31. They’ve changed Delicious a lot now and consequently I’ve changed to Diigo. Please does anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks.

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