The correct way to use YouTube

The big story in the music industry right now is whether or not Coldplay stole a riff from Joe Satriani (an extremely talented guitarist).

So check out what this guy did:

He jumped into a popular conversation that was already taking place, then he redirected it so that it would revolve around his business.  This guy answers the question everybody’s asking of whether Coldplay stole the riff or not, all while simultaneously proving his expertise on music theory and guitar.

Look at his channel — just three videos.  The first two barely have 2,000 views between them.  

The Coldplay/Satriani video?  Over 120,000 views.

So look at your industry.  What’s all the buzz about right now?  Jump into the discussion and prove you know what you’re talking about.  Do this over and over and over until you’ve established your online presence and earned credibility.

You’ll sell yourself with zero advertising dollars spent.

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