A free idea for comedy clubs

standupcomedyDominate on Youtube.

If you want to build a substantial permission asset, you’re not going to be able to do that very well with an e-newsletter or a blog.  You need to focus more on proving the service you’ll provide: great jokes.

So spend one night each week filming the comedians, and edit that footage into several 1-2 minutes clips.  Then, start a Youtube channel for your club and post those clips (with each comedian’s permission, of course).

There are a lot of diehard standup fans out there (I’m one of them).  If you show us the kind of talent you have in your club, we’ll be more likely to come when you post a great clip with a description that says, “This guy is headlining this weekend.  Buy your tickets now!”

2 comments on “A free idea for comedy clubs

  1. A lot of clubs already do this. The problem, unfortunately, is that businesses built around a location based model don’t benefit from the internet the same way.

    Some club in Madison uploads two clips that float my way, what am I going to fly out there to see Jim Gaffigan? It doesn’t work – that’s why rent is more expensive in some places than others.

    The way to use YT in a comedy club, I think, would be to upload the videos of the shows people were at. So they could pass to their friends the part where the comedian made fun of their laugh or their hair or did some joke they’d never heard before.

  2. That’s actually a great idea, showing the personal aspect of comedians interacting with the crowd. I know I’ve watched several videos where Galifianakis talks with the audience.

    And to an extent, I agree with your first comment about the limitations of a location-based model. But I think that’s assuming the way we watch youtube videos is very one-dimensional.

    If you see a funny video in California, and the end of the clip says “Come see him this weekend in Denver,” you’re not going to think, “Oh this video was irrelevant to me, there’s no way I can go see him.” More likely, you’ll think “This video was funny, I’ll send it to a couple friends who like this comedian.” Then one of your friends will think “I have a friend in Denver who might love to see this,” pass it along to them, all while taking a mental note that there’s a club in Colorado with consistently good comedians.

    Comedy videos on YT spread, so they might not have a huge measurable impact right away, but I’m willing to bet they’d pay off if that club consistently put up great clips.

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