Google > God

Over the years, I’ve met several individuals who were do-gooders solely because they wanted God to know that they were good people (a.k.a. heaven-worthy).  I’ve always thought this was an odd and hollow way to behave, considering how closely it parallels a child’s relationship with Santa at the beginning of December.

At any rate, I think it’s more practical to worry about how Google perceives you — does Google think you’re a good person?  If you type in your name, what comes up?  Does Google show any of the great things you’ve accomplished, or the things that you’re particularly proud of?  If not, you need to start taking steps towards making that happen.

Google’s the closest thing to God on earth: it’s omniscient, omnipresent, and practically omnipotent if you think about it.  So don’t worry so much about trying to impress God (just be a good person because that’s how you want to be).  Instead, go out and impress Google.

Don't let this happen

Don't let this happen to you

2 comments on “Google > God

  1. For that reason I always recommend to fill in several social media profiles with as much information about yourself as possible.

    Normally, your LinkedIn profile, Google profile and Facebook profile will show up on the first page of the SERPs.

    Of course it helps if you also have a blog, or even better, a personal blog and a professional blog, since you will have two more results.

    It’s not that hard to claim most of the first 10 results for your name in Google, and very important to start working on it.

  2. I agree with Mario. Just one thing to add though:

    Don’t sign up for those sites if you have no intention of ever using them again. It’s fine if you don’t update your LinkedIn profile for several weeks or whatever, but still use the site on a consistent basis. A half-hearted attempt at social media is almost as bad as no attempt at all.

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