Tokyo Joe’s does it right

I was pleasantly surprised today while eating lunch at Tokyo Joe’s.  I looked at the end of my table and there were a bunch of cards talking about what the company had done for the community.  Initially, “Corporate BS” was running through my mind – I tend to be cynical towards any company that’s larger than a “mom and pop” store.  Why?  I can never tell if a company’s community efforts are glib or sincere.

Anyways, I was very happy when I saw the final card:

Tokyo Joe's feedback card

Tokyo Joe's feedback card

In case you can’t read it, it says: “Thoughts, gripes, comments, kudos, suggestions?  Larry Leith – Founder, President. – I actually do read all these myself.”

Brilliant!  A franchise restaurant giving out the direct email address for the founder of the company.  So simple, but such a great move.

Many companies, big and small, are afraid to do stuff like this.  They don’t want to get bogged down putting out fires for their customers.  So they set up some email address, like and sign every email “The Support Team.”  It’s ridiculous.

In an age where everything’s depersonalized, make the effort to make your company a little more humanBecause people don’t want to interact with companies; they want to interact with other people.

And go eat a meal at Tokyo Joe’s (if you’re in Colorado).  I recommend the Mojoe bowl – amazing!

UPDATE: Within an hour of writing this article, I was contacted by both Larry and Linden from Tokyo Joe’s.  That’s how it’s done!

DOUBLE UPDATE: Apparently, Larry puts his email address on all the cups, too.  I always drink water when I’m there, so I had no idea.

3 comments on “Tokyo Joe’s does it right

  1. Hi Charlie,

    Hey, thanks for supporting Joe’s and for taking the time to read our table information. Larry sent your email to our office team to share and I was very happy to read your comments. I have been with Joe’s just over a year and have been blown away at how “connected” Larry and the company are with our customers.

    Just a note, Tokyo Joe’s is privately owned and operated now for about 12 and a half years locally here in Colorado. When Larry opened the first Joe’s he was paying his mortgage off with his credit card. I don’t think he ever intended on having the 17 restaurants we now have in Colorado. We are also slated to open three more over the next 18 months.

    Many customers think we are a franchise because our operations are pretty tight. Larry has chosen to keep the company both local to Colorado and within the family of friends and employees that have worked hard to make Joe’s a household name in Colorado. Larry appreciates each and every customer and is committed to his communications with them. he is still one of the hardest working members of our modest staff.

    Thank you again for supporting our locally owned and locally grown labor of love.

    Linden Mundekis

  2. Charlie,

    Glad you liked the Mojoe Bowl!

    Ray Berman
    Corporate Chef

    P.S. – I too always try to answer food related questions/comments! All the best!

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