Genius is brilliant

Apple released a new feature in iTunes yesterday called “Genius.”

To me, this is the greatest thing they’ve done for iTunes’ sales, the music industry, and the consumer.  Everyone will benefit tremendously from this feature.  Apple will sell more songs, artists will have a better chance of getting their songs heard, and consumers will be exposed to highly personalized recommendations.  As Joseph Kelly pointed out to me, it’s basically like having Pandora for your own music library.

Download the newest release of iTunes and watch Genius in action.  You’ll see the potential of the long tail, integrated seamlessly with collaborative filtering – all with a flawless execution.

And that’s just the first release of Genius…

One comment on “Genius is brilliant

  1. I wholly agree with your praise for Genius but I did so only after downloading it myself, a week after your post. I just remember reading your post and asking myself why I should go download it. If you had said “It’s like Pandora for your own music library” or something like that that gave me an idea of what the heck it does then I would have followed your advice. That’s like selling me the drill and not a hole in my wall.

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