An idea for Guitar Center

Every time I go into Guitar Center, I have to play on a ridiculously expensive guitar.  It makes me sound way better than I am, and I like to revel in the delusion for a few minutes.

But I never understood why they don’t leave a few guitar picks out for people to practice with.  Almost all proficient guitarists use picks, so why would they force you to bring your own pick or ask to borrow one?

So here’s my idea for Guitar Center – Put out a small bowl filled with customized guitar picks.

They could print discounts on those picks to encourage guitarists to hand them back in for upcoming deals.

Or if some locals want to raise awareness of their band, have them fill out a form with the link to their MySpace page.  You can charge them $50 bucks to print off 140 picks.  This is a pretty good (and cheap) method for bands to get their songs in front of the right people, i.e. other musicians.

This isn’t a way to get a lot more money for Guitar Center, but it is a way for them to make their customers more loyal.

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