Bad Facebook Ads

This truly leaves me speechless.  I’m really torn on whether this is just another lame ad, or if it’s awesome.

I’m leaning towards the latter…

(Why is it a recurring theme for small Facebook ads to be visually offensive?  Is this really one of the better ways to advertise on the site?)

One comment on “Bad Facebook Ads

  1. I’m really glad I hadn’t seen that ad on facebook because I won’t lie, it just made me a little bit nautious.

    Not only are these awful, but I really get peeved when their targeted ads aren’t targeted very well. You’d be surprised at how many times I get an ad for the gay male population. I didn’t think I sprinkled my music and movies with chick tunes/flicks.

    Can they please just stick to the Woo Me ads featuring attractive co-eds?

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