Paradigm shifts

Some great thoughts from Jenn Taylor’s post in Seth’s Triiibes community:

[Implementing a paradigm shift] involves a very hard look at the goal and a pitbull focus on keeping to that one goal. It involves a plan that is both concrete enough to be realizable, and flexible enough to accommodate the realities as they come up. It needs a leader who is able to do these things.

I have never been in a group of people that could independently focus on the goal without a leader keeping them there — they get mired in details and confuse details with the goal. They get mired in what should be rather than what is and confuse that with the goal. They cannot move fluidly between how to make it happen and what should happen.

I concur.  People can lose focus so fast without a definite leader, myself included.  There has to be at least one person who’s so focused and passionate about the goal that they inspire others.  That person is the leader, and it’s his job to not only lead, but to create more leaders.

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