Michael Ian Black’s new book

I just finished reading Michael Ian Black’s “My Custom Van: And 50 other mind-blowing essays that will blow your mind all over your face.” It truly is one of the funnier books I’ve read in the last five years.  I rarely laugh out loud while reading, but there were several instances where I was cracking up while reading this.  Here are a few memorable excerpts:

On how salami seems like a food terrorists would like:

One could easily imagine a group of bearded cave dwellers gnawing on hunks of salami while plotting the demise of the Great Satan.  Of course, one could also easily imagine that same group juggling bowling balls on the moon, for the simple reason that imagining stuff is easy.

Two of his New Years’ resolutions:

Don’t call in bomb threats to get out of dental appointments. This is, without a doubt, one of my worst habits.

Stop saying “zygote” when i mean “fetus.”

I recommend you check this book out if you like Black’s style of humor.  Before you read it, you may want to listen to his album to get a feel for him.  I think the guy is hysterical and the topics of his essays are really creative.  He’s able to take “intellectual” ideas and seamlessly blend them with goofiness.  Example: one of his essays is called, “Using the Socratic method to determine what it would take for me to voluntarily eat dog shit for the rest of my life.”

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