Budweiser’s remarkable call center

Back in January of this year, I was thoroughly convinced that I’d be able to license an idea I came up with to an alcohol company.  I was calling well-known breweries (there are a lot of them in Colorado), and tons of distilleries I’d never even heard of.  I talked to countless marketing directors, vice-presidents, sales people, secretaries – you name it.  None of the numerous conversations I had were that memorable.

Except one.

I called Budweiser’s call center, hoping to get through to a higher up.  The guy I talked to very quickly put me at ease.  Granted, I always was a little tense before and during every call.  But this guy had a genuine friendliness in his voice.  I felt compelled to open up to him and told him exactly why I was calling – I wanted to sell an idea to his company.

He talked to me for about six or seven minutes about my idea, even though he had absolutely no reason to keep going after a minute and a half.  He asked me what my goals were, what my background was, and then he recommended that I watch “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” for further inspiration.

Sure, I might have just gotten lucky and landed on the nicest guy in the call center.  But I can’t picture him being surrounded by a bunch of apathetic schmucks.  That call center is a tremendous marketing opportunity, and I think Budweiser appreciates this.

It’s been eight months since I made that call.  Eight months!  I still remember that guy AND the company he works for.  Do the math.

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