How I made $1,100 in less than two hours

I never thought I’d write such a scammy-sounding title, but it’s the truth.  I wanted to wait and find out if this company was actually as good as it sounds… and surprisingly, it is.

A friend of mine who’s a really creative guy sent me a link to a business called Elastic Lab.  Basically, this company gives you assignments to go out and film stuff.  So far, I’ve only had to do interviews on specific topics (e.g. having a person tell me about their car).  Then I ship off the footage to Elastic Lab, along with a detailed log sheet of what’s on the tape, and they send me a check about a week later.

I spent less than two hours filming the things they needed – four interviews, to be exact.  Three of the interviews had a compensation of $300, and one was $200.  It’s a beautiful thing.

If you know how to work a camcorder, Elastic Lab is an AWESOME way to make some quick extra cash.  It requires so little effort on your part, and it’s actually fun work.  The company is legit, and the people who work there are really nice.  I highly recommend you check them out, especially if you’re a recent college grad with some free time on your hands.

11/7/08 UPDATE – One thing I probably should mention is how infrequently Elastic Lab offers assignments. In the 5 months I’ve been with them, they have only given me TWO opportunities to make any money (i.e. there’s no consistency). They’re a young start-up company, so hopefully they rake in more clients over the next year and are able to dole out more assignments.

It’s a fun and easy way to make money, but you won’t get rich off of them.

2 comments on “How I made $1,100 in less than two hours

  1. I just got on with this company, and have accepted my first assignment. Honestly, I’m really excited about this opportunity. I am an avid amateur editor/director/film geek, and this seems like a good way for me to be involved. Anyway, good to know that someone else is enjoying it!

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