What I’m Reading

As I said before, I’m taking a short break from non-fiction.  I am now reading Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael,” and will start on Mario Puzo’s “Fools Die” after I’m finished.  Here’s a short excerpt from “Ishmael”:

Well, basically, what the gods had in mind when they started out was man. They made the universe so that our galaxy could be in it. They made the galaxy so that our solar system could be in it. They made the solar system so that our planet could be in it. And they made our planet so that we could be in it. The whole thing was made so that man would have a hunk of dirt to stand on.

I’m about a third of the way through this, and it’s pretty good.  I didn’t really like it initially, but the author’s slow trickle of interesting thoughts kept me plugging along. Like Wall-E (which I saw a few days ago – excellent), this book addresses the way we treat the environment without coming off as too preachy or clichéd.  I can’t give it a full recommendation just yet – maybe when I’m finished.

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