Books I’m Reading

I’m going to be reading a fiction next.  I’ve been on business books, How-to’s, and non-fiction for longer than I remember…

Duct Tape Marketing” by John Jantsch – I’m about halfway through this.  It provides very solid advice for small business owners who may or may not know whether they need help with their marketing.  Very little of the advice will be earth-shattering if you’ve studied marketing; it’s all very practical and straightforward.  I have been a reader of Jantsch’s blog for a long time now.  His style differs from Seth’s because he covers the tactical aspect a lot more.  Seth deals almost exclusively with the “bigger picture” and strategic side of business.  I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to develop a simple yet effective marketing plan.

The Art of Learning” by Josh Waitzkin – Really great so far.  The author was the subject of the book and movie, “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”  He’s mastered both chess and martial arts.  Very interesting.

The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki – Awesome.  Several people have recommended this to me before, and now I know why.  If you have any ambitions towards entrepreneurship, get this book.  Screw all the business plan books – this is what you need.

Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius – Very impressive work, considering who wrote it and how long ago that was.  Insightful but not overbearing like a lot of other philosophers.  Great book to read if you’re trying to make sense of the universe and/or yourself.

Starved for Science” by Robert Paalberg – Just finished this.  It’s about how America’s and Europe’s bias against genetically modified foods is really hurting Africa’s agriculture.  Interesting topic, for sure.  The conclusion chapter of the book actually covers everything very well, if you don’t want to read the whole thing

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