Trump vs. Jobs

What’s true in life is also true in marketing: If you want to be boring, talk about yourself. If you want to be interesting, talk about other people. – Gaping Void

Let’s compare Donald Trump to Steve Jobs. Both are respected businessmen who came back from difficult circumstances by outsmarting their competition and working extremely hard.

Donald slaps his name on every single product he puts out. His hotel, his golf courses, his vodka, his steak. He acts like he’s King Midas. His ego is massive and even though he can be funny sometimes, I get really turned off by how great he thinks he is.

Then there’s Steve. He created a lingo for his products: iMac, iPod, iPhone. Steve has insane amounts of talent as both a strategist and a designer, has created great products and services, and has an almost cult-like following.

Which of those two do you think is the better marketer? Donald gives you his name, Steve gives you an experience.  There’s a reason that none of Apple’s products have been called the iJobs.

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