Led Zeppelin – The Ride

This is what I’m talking about. I love it when people think of new ways to enhance an already great experience. How awesome would it be to go on an intense roller coaster ride that’s specifically choreographed to “Whole Lotta Love.” The best part about this is that the experience is worth talking about, so the idea will spread fairly easily.

I covered this on my Squidoo Lens on how to make better slideshows. An image or video (or in this case, a roller coaster ride) will evoke more powerful emotions from the viewer/rider if the audio complements it. If the images match with the lyrics, it’s even more powerful. If the images are shown at a speed matching the pace of the song, it’s even more powerful. And the more senses you can effectively involve, the greater the experience will be.

Think back on “The Sopranos.” I always thought David Chase was a master at incorporating music into his scenes (just as good as Scorsese). The last scene in the final episode is a great example of this, as was the Seven Souls montage. These songs stand by themselves; they definitely bring out an array of emotion. But when they’re added to the video, everything becomes more intense. Choreographing the right imagery at the right pace is the best way to make your video (or roller coaster ride) more memorable.

Here is another great example of this, as well as one of my own videos.

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