Lessons learned from Seth, Squidoo, & The Real World

Today, the marketing tribe had its first Skype conference call. Basically, it was about 15-20 of us listening in as Seth gave us his thoughts on the new marketing. It lasted a little over an hour, and was pretty interesting. Some of his advice seemed pretty standard because I’ve read his blog for so long, as well as several of his books. However, it’s very interesting to listen to him speak because he tells a lot of stories about companies that illustrate his points, making it that much more clear.

One of the ideas Seth really tries to drive home is to create something worth talking about. He wants us to create “master lenses” on his Squidoo site. I had made a few lenses, and they hadn’t been doing too well. My partner, Aidan, and I are focusing on the Movie/TV category, so I was trying to think of new ideas. I’d been watching MTV’s “Real World” regularly, so I thought I’d make a biography lens on the craziest cast member, Joey. But a regular bio page isn’t really remarkable; it’s not worth talking about unless you have something really impressive or entertaining…

So I decided to take a different route: I wrote the entire lens from Joey’s exaggerated perspective. Everything I say on the lens comes from Joey’s mouth (according to me). This made my lens much more enjoyable for the reader. It also made it worth talking about, and people are more likely to forward my lens to their friends.

No one cares about the effort you put in. I learned this the hard way. If you’re going to put something on the Internet, people that don’t know you have to recognize right away that your content is going to entertain or be useful to them.

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