The inefficiencies of the Web

When people are looking for a car, they don’t go to one place. They look in the want ads, they talk to people who buy used cars at auctions, they go to dealerships. When they’re looking for a car on the Internet, it’s the same schtick: they go to AutoTrader, then Cars, then eBay, then Vehix, then Craigslist, then blah blah blah.

The problem with all this is that it takes too long. If I’m looking for a car on the web, I have to repeatedly refine my searches each time to find what I want. I have to peruse through the Craigslist ads, the eBay ads, then compare them to Vehix and AutoTrader. And I can never be sure if I’m even consulting the best sites with the best prices. There could be a great site that no one knows about yet. I’m just using what I think works. This applies to every service and product we search for online.

We have so many choices and we don’t even know if we’re using our most relevant options. This is why I like Squidoo, which has the potential to centralize our choices. The goal of the site is to give people enough info and enough relevant links so that they can get “the big picture” that much faster.

I’m very excited to play a small part in developing this site even further. My partner Aidan and I will be working on the TV & Movies category of the site, developing lenses all summer. Be on the lookout because Aidan is solid, and once I finish this film, we’ll be busting out some quality work.

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