The sunny side of truth makes me want to smoke

That commercial has been played ad nauseum for the last few weeks. It’s driving me insane for two reasons:

  1. It contains the most annoying song I have EVER heard. I mute it or change the channel every time it comes on because it gets in my head and won’t leave for hours. I’ll take “Barbie Girl” by Aqua any day of the week over this.
  2. The Truth campaign has repeatedly proved that they’re completely inept when it comes to marketing, and this “sunny side of truth” garbage is the pinnacle of their incompetence.

This anti-cigarette company throws away millions of dollars a year trying to prevent teenagers from smoking, get current smokers to quit, and persuade cigarette companies to be more open about the harm they’ve done. The problem is that their old formula of shocking the viewer with disturbing imagery (e.g. thousands of body bags in the street) got, well, old. So now they’re doing “the sunny side of truth.” These commercials consist of singing and dancing people alongside singing and dancing cartoon animals. To prevent you from smoking. Seriously.

The lyrics: “It must have been a typo, a typo, a typo.” You masterminds! You’re totally being sarcastic, aren’t you? Kids will totally relate to that, especially the Gen Y teenagers! And having cartoon typewriters behind the humans? A stroke of genius.

HOW DOES THIS COMMERCIAL GET APPROVED?! Is the company really this idiotic? Do they honestly believe their strategy is effective? It’s mind-boggling. These people know nothing about basic psychology, and it is very frustrating to watch the money they won in those lawsuits get pissed away in such an irritating fashion.

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