Twitter Stories

Here is a brilliant new site I just found out about.

I love the concept behind this. It takes the user updates from Twitter and shuffles through random sentences that begin with specific phrases. For instance, I saw a sentence in the “Hate” category that said “I hate… ordering panini sandwiches because I have to say panini.”

This site is very simple. It’s colorful, slightly cluttered (yet aesthetically pleasing), and it has small punctuated movements. But most importantly, it’s remarkable and entertaining. It feeds our desire to get a small taste of other people’s thoughts, even if they’re total strangers. The name of the site (Twistori) is perfect, too.

Twistori is an experimental site, and I have no idea how/if they make money. But the design and content of the site are both great. It could evolve into a voting site, where you get a ‘Best of Craigslist‘ deal and all the funniest twitter updates are shown. Or Facebook could replicate this with their own “Facebook Tales” and have the best status updates shuffle through. I know that probably won’t happen, but who knows.

Keep the design of sites simple. If there’s going to be movement, it should complement or enhance the experience, not detract from it (I’m talking to you, every flash ad ever). And most of all, make your content personal, entertaining, and remarkable.

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