The antithesis of green packaging

A small piece on my electric guitar broke recently. Specifically, it was the input jack plate. It’s basically the part that holds back the wiring when you plug in the cord connected to the amp. Anyways, it’s about the thickness of a credit card and slightly wider than a quarter.

The picture shows the packaging that the replacement part came in. Yamaha could have easily slid the part into a small envelope; it definitely wouldn’t have broken. Instead, it came in a big box with tons of packing peanuts. Yamaha probably doesn’t have customers insisting on more environmentally-friendly products (I don’t consider myself a super green consumer), but this is pretty ridiculous.

Your company’s service might be great, but that will lose relevance if the entire purchasing experience doesn’t meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

Green is not a fad. It’s here to stay. Adapt.

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