Verizon doesn’t care

I hate my cell phone. Verizon’s service is horrible, and I will often miss calls; all of the sudden it will say that I have a new voicemail. I make a point of not calling people because it will usually cut out or drop the call. At this point, it’s just a chunk of plastic that tells time. The texting service is just as bad, which sucks because that’s pretty much the only feature I use.

I went into the Verizon store to get it fixed after receiving multiple text messages hours after they’d been sent. The worst was one that came in 15 hours late (see picture). I made sure to save all of the messages as proof, and I showed them to the guy working there. His response: “We have to be able to prove that the texts are coming in late while you’re in the store.” No joke.

So he sent my phone a message, and it went through right away. This didn’t surprise me. We’re in a Verizon store. I highly doubt the service is going to be poor in the store that’s promoting it. Just like you’re not going to see a lot of broken computers in an Apple store. But the problem with my phone isn’t that texts come in late every time. The problem is that the service is ridiculously inconsistent, and that’s what I told him.

“There’s not much we can do.” Actually, there is. I view cell phones as a necessary evil. Verizon is reinforcing that belief by having shoddy service and treating me like a liar. You need to recreate the problem in the store? Why? I didn’t make this complaint up. It’s very real and I have proof. I’m not trying to scam them into giving me a better phone. I just want mine to work.

I know nearly everyone has a cell phone these days. I know people upgrade to new phones fairly often. But no one has to stay with the same service for too long. Verizon’s service sucks, but the rep who patronized me is the reason I’ll switch. Every interaction with a customer has an impact. Treat consumers like people (not con artists) and they’ll stick with you. I’m not married to Verizon, and if I was, I’d file for divorce.

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